The Inside Rx® prescription discount card provides affordable access to the brand name and generic medications.

Inside Rx® Prescription Discount Card

LBS is committed to providing innovative, customizable, and valuable benefits to you and your employees. As part of that ongoing commitment, LBS has partnered with Inside Rx® to offer a prescription discount card to help keep medications affordable and attainable for your employees and their families. The Inside Rx prescription discount card is readily available to all of your employees and their family members, regardless of whether or not they are currently enrolled in an LBS product or service. This value-add offering provides savings on medications through a simple and personalized experience that lets them pay the lowest price possible for medications they may need.

For anyone interested in obtaining a prescription discount card, they can visit to:

  • Download a free prescription discount card right to their phone
  • Easily print, email or text themselves a copy of the prescription discount card
  • Find the lowest price available for medications outside of their plan
  • Search for drug prices at the most convenient participating pharmacies

More About the Prescription Discount Card

Inside Rx provides discounts on prescription medications to employees of LBS clients. Inside Rx is not part of LBS.

The Inside Rx card is not insurance and it cannot be combined with insurance, copay cards or any other secondary payer. Before using the Inside Rx card, members should check their insurance benefit because it may provide greater savings than the Inside Rx card. 


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