My HSA Planner

We know that the benefits of an HSA vary based on the unique lifestyle and financial goals of your employees.

Which makes it difficult and time consuming for you to explain the benefits of an HSA in a way that resonates to help them *actually* use or sign up for an account.

Introducing My HSA Planner. This easy-to-use HSA decision tool helps both of your HSA and non-HSA employees learn:

  • The benefits of a health savings account.
  • How much they should contribute each year to optimize the benefit.
  • And their potential savings over time.

Better yet, because My HSA Planner gives your employees personalized recommendations based on their unique lifestyle and savings goals, you can spend less time on individual conversations, and more time holistically supporting your employees.

Share My HSA Planner with your employees via email, in your open enrollment communications, company newsletters (and more!) and encourage them to take the quiz and see how they can benefit from an HSA.


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