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It’s OK to admit it. Whether you’re an employer, a broker, or anyone else with a stake in employee benefits, you know that workforce wellness and benefits plans are changing at a rate faster than most can follow. Yet “getting it right” is paramount, as it affects everything from bottom line to employee retention. You need a partner, an experienced resource capable of conveying in plain language what your options are, where the value lies, and what the future holds.

We hereby apply for the job. Matching proven experience with an intimate knowledge of emerging trends, Lifetime Benefit Solutions is singular in its ability to design, develop and deploy win-win benefits plans in a constantly changing environment. We’re leading the way in developing and delivering such plans – self-funded medical, dental and other health-related plans. Partnering with our customers to produce demonstrable results immediately and over time, we promote employee health while at the same time safeguarding a company’s financial health.

To appreciate who we are, consider where we come from

Possessing an esteemed track record that stretches back to 1974, Lifetime Benefit Solutions was formed through the merger of EBS-RMSCO, Inc. and Support Services Alliance, Inc. As a full-service third party administrator, we facilitate the insurance, self-funding and consulting needs of thousands of clients throughout the United States, leveraging our experience, native flexibility and practical creativity to generate solutions beyond what our customers expect.

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Benefits programs built around you.

We provide a laser-focus on the critical elements of any successful benefit program. Effective design; clear, concise communication; and dependable, ongoing administration and compliance, mapped to each company's individual needs and workforce. Call 1-800-356-1029 or

Lifetime Benefit Solutions is a national leader in developing and delivering health-related benefits plans – partnering with our customers to deliver value and promote employee health and wellness.

Flexible employee benefit programs, intelligently and creatively customized to your company’s unique situation.