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If you have a stake in employee benefits, you know that workforce wellness and benefits plans are changing at a rate faster than most can follow. Switching to a self-funded plan from Lifetime Benefit Solutions can help. You’ll pay only for what you need and use. Plus, with zero premium taxes and lower administration costs, it can add up to some really impressive savings.

Our benefits programs are built around you. With a self-funded approach, you choose the benefits and extras. You’ll have control without the restrictions, because your plan doesn’t need to adhere to many of the state mandates. This gives you the flexibility to create a plan that’s perfect for your company.

Rather than paying a monthly premium to a commercial insurer, you’re responsible for paying for your employees’ health care claims directly. In other words, you pay the covered claims. You also pay an administrative fee to a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to handle the paperwork, while you pocket the savings.

How It Works:

  • You use a provider network
  • Your employees receive a customized ID card 
  • You can keep the same benefit levels
  • Your annual health care costs will vary based on your employees’ claims
  • Costs are lower; no state mandates

How it Benefits You:

  • Greater control over expenses
  • Improved cash flow, since premiums are not paid in advance to an insurance carrier
  •  Increased flexibility, because you only pay for the “extras” if your company wants and needs them
  • Investment income benefits your company, not a health plan
  •  Lower cost of administration
  • No collateral or bonding requirements
  • Reduced premium tax

What a TPA Does For You:

  • Day-to-day operation of the health plan
  • Give you easy access to plan information and reporting
  • Handle claims and benefit processing
  • Prepare employer reports
  • Process eligibility/enrollment
  • Provide customer service for employees
  • Report claims usage

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