Open Enrollment Options

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Guarantee a successful Open Enrollment season by planning ahead!

Administrative delays may occur if enrollment data is received less than 45 days prior to your Plan’s renewal date.

Select from one of three enrollment methods. For more information on each enrollment method, please visit our Reimbursements Account: FSA/HRA/HSA page. Enrollment kits and forms are also found on this site.

Employer Online Enrollment

This is the recommended option. Employer online enrollment works for Plans of all sizes. Employers log into the Employer website, and then follow easy-to-use instructions and screens to add new participants, confirm/update address information and enter annual elections for each benefit offered.

Contact your Lifetime Benefit Solutions Administrator to receive Step-by-Step guides for verifying and updating existing participants and adding new participants.

Data File/Spreadsheet Enrollment

The layout requirements for this option are located on Reimbursements Account: FSA/HRA/HSA page. (in the “Plan Sponsors”, File/Spreadsheet Enrollment section).

Information may be sent either in a series of tab delimited files or an Excel spreadsheet. This option is designed to meet the needs of

  1. Employers with a strong I.T. resource who can export data from HR/Payroll systems
  2. Employers who prefer to enter their enrollment data directly into a spreadsheet from Enrollment Forms and bypass our data entry department completely

Dependents must be provided for HRA plans. All dependents whose expenses are eligible under the HRA plan must be provided via data file. You may be able to receive a list of covered dependents from your medical insurance carrier.

Please note that the layout requirements must be met exactly. Processing delays and additional charges may apply if the file is not in the standard format.

Paper Enrollment Forms

Use Lifetime Benefit Solutions’ Enrollment Forms and Enrollment Kits, which can be found on our Reimbursements Account: FSA/HRA/HSA page. (in the “Plan Sponsors”, Enrollment Materials section). Review all forms for completion and legibility. This option is not available for HRA Plans.

Please send forms via mail or email to Lifetime Benefit Solutions, Attn: FSA Dept., 300 Main Street, East Rochester, NY 14445.

Thank you for your continued business. If you have any questions, please call your Administrator to discuss the specifics of your Plan.

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