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We are excited that your employer is partnering with us to offer you an easy way to save money! Really, you can save money--now aren’t you excited too? By choosing to contribute to an FSA when electing your benefit plan, your deduction is automatically withheld from your paycheck and set aside for you to use for qualified medical or dependent care expenses. You’ll save money by using tax-free funds to pay your out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision and dependent care expenses. And, if your employer is providing our Health Care Spending card, it’s even easier. Just swipe the card at the doctor’s office or pharmacy, and you’re all set; don’t forget to keep the receipt in case we need it later. Lifetime Benefit Solutions offers three different types of FSA accounts and a qualified transportation reimbursement account.

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Health Care 
This popular account can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses not paid by your insurance. Your co-payment, deductibles and coinsurance, as well as dental services, prescription drugs and vision services are all examples of qualified expenses.

Individual Premium 
With this account, your employees can be reimbursed for premiums paid for certain non-employer sponsored individual health policies.

Dependent Care 
This account allows your employees to be reimbursed for expenses paid for the care of dependents so they can work. Eligible expenses include daycare centers, babysitters, caregivers and after-school programs. This applies to children under age 13, or those of any age who are physically or mentally impaired.

Not sure how much to set aside? Use our FSA Calculator to help you plan your savings!
Need more to be excited about? We’re on- the-go with you – connect with us on your tablet or your mobile phone, just download the Lifetime Benefit Solutions Health Spending App.

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View the link below to see qualified and ineligible expenses for your FSA account.

Qualified Expenses List

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