Why Putting the Wag in Wellness is Way Better

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Why Putting the Wag in Wellness is Way Better

best friends for fitness

As mentioned in our last issue, we recently launched Best Friends for Fitness (BFF), a great way to achieve employee fitness goals with a furry friend and make a difference in the community. Briefly, employees and dogs (from local shelters) get to take each other out for a walk – and benefits accrue to both participants.

According to tons of studies, people who interact with dogs regularly realize genuine health benefits, from a lower incidence of medical problems to lower stress in general. The canine contingent, meanwhile, stands a better chance of being adopted by a loving home.

Best Friends for Fitness is based on a proven “four-legged” approach to corporate wellness activity success:

  • It’s customizable and easy to implement
  • It’s motivating, engaging – and fun!
  • It involves individual goal setting, tracking and measurement
  • It connects directly to worthy causes

When your clients enroll, they get a free app to help them, powered by WoofTrax; connection to a local animal shelter that will benefit from their walks; and an assigned account representative to assist with program implementation and management. If this sounds like a doggone perfect fit for a client looking for a unique community program, contact us here to learn more.

Dog walking is healthy habit formingDog Walking:

It's Healthy-Habit Forming

  • 70% of dog owners exercise for at least 2.5 hours a week, compared to only 40% of adults without dogs.
  • New dog owners dedicate an average of 48 more minutes a week to exercise over the course of a year.
  • 60% of owners walk their dogs every day.
  • Dog owners are 25% less likely to be obese.
  • Just having a dog in the house cuts the risk of childhood obesity by 50%.

(Source: University of Western Australia)


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