Spring Allergies

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Achoo! Not!
Getting the best of spring allergies

Get the best of spring allergies - LBS The Lead March 2016Spring is near. Really near this year. Time for trees and flowers to bloom, bees to buzz, snow to melt and allergy sufferers to sneeze. If your eyes are swollen or itchy, you have a sore throat or your nose is runny, here are five easy ways to fight back against the Allergen Army.

1. Limit your time outdoors, especially on windy days or in the early morning hours when pollen counts are highest.

2. Take allergy medicine. Antihistamines are your friend! And take the medicine early … way early. If you start taking medicine a week before the season begins, the meds will be in your system by the time you really need them.

3. Keep windows and doors shut at home and in the car to keep allergens out.

4. Clean the air filters and vents in your home, where pollen can collect.

5. Wash your hair after going outdoors. Pollen can collect there.


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