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Say hello to ICD-10.

It’s finally happening. On October 1, 2015, a key element of the data foundation of the United States’ health care system will be transformed. On that Thursday, we will transition from the decades old Ninth Edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) set of diagnosis and inpatient procedure codes to the far more contemporary Tenth Edition of those code sets—or ICD-10— already used by most developed countries around the world.

The current ICD-9 code sets are out-of-date due to their limited ability to accommodate new procedures and diagnoses. ICD-10 code sets incorporate greater specificity, more clinical information and updated terminology. Providers will be required to observe HIPAAcompliant transactions in version 5010. As of October 1, all HIPAA covered entities must use the new ICD-10 code sets.

Are You Ready?
Use of ICD-10 will:

  • Improve the ability to measure health care services
  • Enhance the ability to monitor populations’ health
  • Provide better overall data and decrease the need for supporting documentation needed when submitting claims


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