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The Lead Summer 2015 - Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Partnering up with Davis Vision to  administer a  Vision Care Plan.Partner Ship Puzzle pieces

Davis Vision offers:

  • A broad array of paid-in-full options
  • Competitive premiums
  • World-class union-staffed fabrication laboratories
  • More than 97% client loyalty
  • Turnkey administrative and customer services
  • Total member flexibility to: 
    • Choose any frame at provider’s offices
    • Select the most popular lens options at significant savings
  • Extensive blended network of premier retailers nationally, as well as independent optometrists and ophthalmologists, totaling over 48,000 points of access
  • NCQA-certified provider credentialing process to ensure industry- leading standards for quality
  • U.S.-based services and operations
  • Free one-year eyeglass breakage warranty on plan materials

Davis Vision’s network is built to match consumer preferences, offering great coverage and minimal markups by utilizing a fully integrated model. Additionally, their Equal Opportunity Network Development Philosophy results in a diversity of retailers and independentsDavis Vision Eyecare Reframed


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