Open Enrollment To-Do List

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open enrollment to do listOpen Enrollment:
To-Do List

Welcome to open enrollment season! To ensure that everything goes smoothly, we’ve put together a few helpful suggestions:

  1. Set a baseline. Look back on how your clients fared during open enrollment season last year and leverage that data to determine how to deliver education and enrollment support this year.
  2. Incite action. Recommend that employers engage in an active enrollment strategy that requires employees to reapply for the health care plan and benefits they want.
  3. Talk it up. Communicate early and often about eligibility for ACA’s employer shared responsibility mandate.
  4. Ask for “volunteers.” Encourage employers to consider voluntary benefits, such as vision and dental.
  5. Get well…ness. Use this time to encourage a wellness program (check out ours, Best Friends for Fitness).
  6. Keep it personal. Knowing your audience means you can present information and recommendations in a more personalized way…which gets them on your side…and also gets them the plan they need.

Keeping these suggestions in mind during open enrollment will make it easier to navigate – and more ‘beneficial’ for everyone.


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