Focus: 401(k)

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Focus: 401(k)

Retirement 401k focus with lifetime benefit solutionsHealth benefits. Focus on your 401(k) with LBS lifetime benefit solutions

Dental benefits. Focus on your 401(k) with LBS lifetime benefit solutions

Reimbursement account administration. Focus on your 401(k) with LBS lifetime benefit solutions

401(k) administration? Focus on your 401(k) with LBS lifetime benefit solutions

That’s right – we offer that, too!

Lifetime’s retirement plan services provide plan sponsors with state-of-the-art services for one of the most visible and valued employee benefit plans: an organization’s retirement plan. Lifetime Benefit Solutions can assist every step of the way, from initial plan design through implementation.

We can help you clearly define and prioritize corporate goals and translate them into a cohesive set of plan design features. Our flexible design process helps avoid potential missteps by first determining the ideal plan features that will best meet your client’s needs.

Our plan design and implementation services include:

  • Plan document review and consultation
  • Plan document and SPD preparation
  • Employee communications and notices
  • Governmental filing preparation
  • Plan design services
    • Traditional 401(k) designs
    • Safe harbor designs
    • Integrated designs
    • Age weighted and new comparability designs
    • 403(b) ERISA designs
    • Owner only 401(k) designs

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