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Brokers: Earn Additional Commission While Driving Pharmacy Savings For Your Clients

Lifetime Benefit Solutions (LBS) is proud to share the outstanding results of Rx Concierge, our innovative stand-alone, commissionable pharmacy program helping self-funded plans save thousands of dollars every year, regardless of their health insurance carrier.

Just take a look...



Conversions Initiated



Covered Members


+7.4 Million

Claims Analyzed



Average Annual Savings per Converted Drug


Rx Savings 


In 2022, RX Concierge participants saw a combined savings of $10,321,000! 

*Note: Data above is current as of 12/15/22

How it works:

  • Our pharmacy team analyzes population claim utilization to identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

  • We work with prescribers to facilitate conversion to safe and equally effective lower-cost alternatives and contact prescribers directly when a cost savings opportunity is identified.

  • The prescriber then works directly with the patient to decide if the lower cost therapy is appropriate and if so, submits the new prescription to the pharmacy.

One group with 3,900 members exceeded their guarantee by over $168,000, that’s a 255% return on their investment of $1.75 PMPM, and a net savings of nearly $4 per member per month.

If you are interested in learning more about how Rx Concierge can help reduce pharmacy cost for your clients or if you'd like to schedule a demo, please indicate the best way to get in touch by clicking the button below:

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