LBS VP Swings Hammer for Good Cause

By Lisa Maresca

They say it takes a village. This June, business leaders from the Rochester, NY area proved that by coming together to help build a home with Flower City Habitat for Humanity. Managers, VPs and administrators alike worked together to build a home for family in need as part of the 2016 Leaders Build Series.  One of those leaders swinging a hammer was Lifetime Benefit Solutions’ VP of Marketing and Product Development Jeannette Flowers.

“The true hands-on work really feels like you're helping to make a difference in someone's life,” said Flowers. “And working with colleagues in a very different and challenging environment, you get to know them better pretty quickly!"

Business leaders worked on an actual construction project in a neighborhood in Rochester, doing everything from cutting wood, hammering in framing and securing siding.

When construction stopped for a break, the participants met for a networking lunch to hear about all the good work everyone is doing to make a difference in the community.


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