401(k) News

  • Plan design and after-tax contributions

    Recent IRS guidance has created a new interest in “after-tax” contributions as a plan provision because they can be used to maximize plan contributions and reduce future tax liabilities. Read More…

  • Required minimum distributions for 5% owners

    For purposes of required minimum distributions (RMDs), the definition of a “5% owner” is an individual who owns more than 5% of the company sponsoring a qualified retirement plan. The required beginning date (RBD) for 5% owners to begin taking RMDs is April 1 of the year after they reach age 70½, regardless of whether they are still working. Read More…

  • Excess elective deferrals

    With the 2015 tax season in full swing, this is a good time for a brief review of the rules governing the treatment of excess elective deferrals. The IRC Section 402(g) limit on elective deferrals for the 2014 calendar year was $17,500 for individuals under age 50. Read More…

  • Addressing the lifetime income stream issues

    Individuals currently face a greater responsibility for managing their own assets for retirement than in the past. The trend away from defined benefit (DB) plans and toward defined contribution (DC) plans is one reason. Read More…

  • RECENT Developments March/April 2015

    MEP Form 5500 change and Revised 402(f) notices. Read More…

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