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Plan Sponsors


Use the FSA/HRA/HSA Plan Sponsor Portal to access helpful information related to your Employer account. You may use the Plan Sponsor portal to print reports, request changes and updates, view Participant information, print Enrollment Kits and Participant forms, manage Plan data imports and more!

Open Enrollment

During your Plan’s Open Enrollment period, select from one of our three enrollment methods.
For an overview of each option, click here.

Participant Online Enrollment

Great for Plans of all sizes! Important things to know: Plan Sponsors must supply Lifetime Benefit Solutions with a full participant demographic file prior to activating the online enrollment feature. Participants with an email address on file will receive an emailed confirmation of their enrollment. Participants can change or delete their elections at any time during the enrollment period. The online enrollment period cannot extend beyond the first day of the new Plan year. Use the Enrollment Report to update your payroll system.

Plan Sponsor Online Enrollment

Ideal for smaller plans. Enter participant information into a spreadsheet, then send the spreadsheet to Lifetime Benefit Solutions for processing. Contact Lifetime Benefit Solutions for a prepopulated template to eliminate much of the data entry process.

File/Spreadsheet Enrollment

For all types of employers! Large employers with a strong I.T. resource can export enrollment data from HR/Payroll systems. Smaller employers can key enrollment from Enrollment Forms into a spreadsheet. Acceptable formats are pipe delimited files or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The layout must be met exactly. Please note that processing delays and additional charges may apply if the file is not in our format.

For our file layout requirements, click here.

Paper Enrollment

Enrollment Forms and kits are available online for easy access and easy use. Before sending forms to Lifetime Benefit Solutions, please review each for accuracy and legibility.

Enrollment Materials

Use the Enrollment Kits and forms during your Plan's open enrollment period. You can print the materials or save the document to your local computer for electronic delivery to participants. If you would like to receive preprinted kits or forms, please contact your Lifetime Benefit Solutions administrator.


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