Premium Billing

Image of smiling guy leaning on computer desk.Lifetime Benefit Solutions’ Premium Billing system is a complete, PC-based system designed to assist employers in the billing and collection of health, life, dental, vision and other premiums. Our Premium Billing system automatically produces premium notices, correspondence and late premium notices on any billing frequency identified. It also has a complete reporting module providing various reports related to your Premium Billing arrangements.

Our Premium Billing administration can help accomplish the following for you:

  • Save administrative costs by billing, monitoring and reconciling premiums paid for health, life, dental, vision or any other coverage.

    Lifetime Benefit Solutions will compile employee data, benefit information, billing information, monitor activity, generate invoices, reconcile billings and provide administrative billing reports.

  • Reduce unproductive tasks and paperwork by centralizing billing for health, life, dental and vision premiums.

    Our comprehensive system will track all information related to Premium Billings for your participants. In addition, detailed reporting will be provided to you on a monthly basis.

  • Identify and track premiums by location, company, individual and carrier.

    During the design and implementation process, we will work closely with you to ensure the proper premiums and billing defaults are identified and set up.

  • Provide superior customer services for you and your participants.

    Our highly trained team of professionals is always available to answer your questions as well as your participants’ billing questions.


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