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Summary Plan Descriptions

Lifetime Benefit Solutions can prepare Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) and Plan Documents for all types of ERISA or non-ERISA Cafeteria Plans.

In addition, Lifetime Benefit Solutions can prepare SPDs and Plan Documents for Cafeteria Plans that include employer credits that can be used for a variety of qualifying benefits, as well as SPDs and Plan Documents for ERISA or non-ERISA HRA plans. We can prepare these for approximately 25 different HRA plan designs.

We can also prepare SPDs and some Plan Documents (if not a wrap plan that includes non-health benefits) for ERISA and non-ERISA, insured or self-insured, medical, dental and/or vision plans.

Summary Plan Descriptions From Lifetime Benefit Solutions

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We provide a laser-focus on the critical elements of any successful benefit program. Effective design; clear, concise communication; and dependable, ongoing administration and compliance, mapped to each company's individual needs and workforce.

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