Best Friends for Fitness

Take your dog for a walkTake Your Walk for a Dog

Want to put a little wag into your company’s wellness activities? 

Best Friends for Fitness (BFF) is a unique program designed to drive new levels of participation, improve overall physical and mental well-being, boost employee morale and strengthen connections between the company, employees and the community. 

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What is BFF?

It’s simple. We’ve created a way for self-funded employers to unleash the benefits of K-9 companionship in the campaign for healthier employees and lower overall health care costs.

Studies show that people who own dogs, walk dogs or interact with dogs on a routine basis exhibit these healthy (physical, mental and emotional) attributes:

  • Walk more/exercise longer
  • Lower stress, anxiety and depression; Happier
  • Less likely to be overweight or obese
  • Fewer medical problems (Lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, fewer heart attacks)
  • Stronger workplace and community bonds; Improved employee socialization

Walk your dog for fitness and health benefitsWe make fitness fun by getting your employees walking with and/or for a dog.  Anyone can participate in the program, even if they don’t own a pet! Employees can walk their own dog or a local shelter dog, walk in memory of a beloved K-9 companion or even walk a virtual dog! And that makes tails wag all around. Employees get healthy and happy. Pets and shelter dogs get love and attention. Local animal shelters and rescue leagues get much needed volunteers and donations.  And your company just created one awesome employee program that barks up all the right trees. Best Friends For Fitness is an ideal solution for helping self-funded employers control the cost of health insurance and other employee benefits by delivering these program benefits: 

  • Engages and motivates employees to participate in a routine fitness activity
  • Positions you as an employer of choice to help attract and retain the best employees
  • Enhances organizational performance through improved morale, stress reduction and, over time, improved health 
  • Over time, leads to fewer claims and decreased overall medical costs
  • Creates a team building opportunity through the ability to work together to support community-based animal shelters
  • Provide opportunity to map community giving programs to employee wellness activities
  • Elevate the company’s brand and reputation through public recognition and employee word of mouth
  • Participants feel good about feeling good!  This encourages rapport and interaction among employees, creating an improved workplace culture. 

A Four-Legged Approach to Fun and FitnessTake you dog for a walk for your fitness goals

Best Friends For Fitness is based on a four-legged approach to corporate wellness activity success:

  1. easy to implement and customizable
  2. fun, motivating and engaging
  3. individual goal setting, tracking and measurement,
  4. connection to a purpose or cause  


To help employers easily implement and customize this program, we provide the following toolkit, services and support:

  • A free downloadable app powered by WoofTrax for employees 
    • Personalized employee profile with pet’s name and picture
    • Goal setting and activity tracking for employees including distance traveled and amount of time spent exercising
    • Automated reminders when employees haven’t been active
    • Connection to a local animal shelter that will benefit from their walks
  • Customized measurement and reporting capabilities for employers
    • Roster of participating employees
    • Impact view for insight on individual and aggregate employee activity 
    • Set activity goals and metrics that trigger donations to local shelters
    • Opportunity to provide a matching incentive
  • Toolkit materials to share with employees to help promote the program
    • Template email copy and newsletter articles
    • Downloadable posters 
    • Fun facts about the health and wellness benefits of pet ownership and interaction
    • Unique ideas for how to promote competitions or further engage employees
    • A Facebook page where employers/employees can engage with others and promote their contributions
  • Assigned Lifetime Benefit Solutions account representative to assist with program implementation and management

The Best Friends For Fitness program is designed to easily fit into existing corporate wellness activities to help employers meet their overall goals for employee health and well-being.

Take Your Walk for a Dog and Walk for a Dog is a Service Mark of WoofTrax, Inc. used here by permission.

Did You Know?

70% of dog owners exercise for at least 2.5 hours/week, compared with only 40% of adults without dogs.
New dog owners dedicated an average of 48 more minutes/week to exercise over the course of a year.
60% of owners walk their dogs every day.
Dog owners are 25% less likely to be obese, and having a dog in the house cuts the risk of childhood obesity in half

*University of Western Australia


Want to Learn More?

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