Client: Self-Funded Medical Client, 560 Employees

HRA FSA and Wellness Solutions Case Study on Hospital in NY


This client has always been committed to the health and wellness of its workforce. Recently, however, results were unsatisfactory. Its disease management vendor managed an opt-in model netting a participation rate of just 14%. Consequently, the company sought a trusted partner to assist in the move to a consumer driven approach.


The Steps to Success program offered a proactive model that would target the individual and provide a customized approach to wellness. Implemented to provide a population health approach for members, the innovative program focuses on individual claims data to deliver customized member wellness and disease management services. In fact, Steps to Success delivers a participation rate of greater than 99%, which means that less than 1% opt out.


  • Cancer Screening Rates Up: Rates climbed to expected commercial norms for colon cancer screening and mammography.
  • Cancers & Pre-Cancers Identified Early: A total of 84 cancer or pre-cancer cases were identified. A total of 87.5% of these cases were found early and cost less than $8,000 apiece to treat.
  • Total Savings from Such Identification: Early detection saved the plan more than $700,000.
  • Increased Utilization of Preventive Health Services: Program successfully encouraged members over 40 who had not been to a primary care physician in a year or more to see a doctor. More than half of the members targeted visited doctors, identifying many health issues that may have gone undetected until more advanced and costly to treat.


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