How It Works

MDLIVE treats routine medical conditions by connecting patients to a doctor 24/7/365, saving valuable time and offering unparalleled convenience. While the typical doctor’s visit – from scheduling to prescription pick-up – takes an estimated four hours, an MDLIVE doctor’s visit takes approximately 16 minutes. Employees carry peace of mind knowing doctors are available to see them anytime, anywhere. MDLIVE patients can choose the most convenient way to connect with a doctor - either by phone, secure video or through the MDLIVE App.

 Why Employers Are Embracing Telehealth and MDLIVE

  • Helps to decrease absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Offers employees an easy to use and convenient way to get high quality care when and how they want it
  • Provides a valued benefit that supports employee satisfaction and retention

 Why Telehealth?

  • There is a perfect storm brewing: a shortage of primary care doctors has increased patient wait times to 20.3 days; the U.S. healthcare industry wastes an estimated 38 billion from emergency room overuse; and 30 million uninsured Americans are being added to the system.
  • Healthcare consumers are more digitally focused than ever - 4 in 5 smart phone users are interested in using their technology to interact with a healthcare provider.
  • More employers are choosing telehealth as a low-cost way to drive employee satisfaction, increase productivity and help reduce overall healthcare costs. 37% of employers are estimated to adopt telehealth services in 2015.(Towers Watson, 2014).
  • MDLIVE has proven successful for many employer clients. One self-funded employer group realized cost savings of approximately $400,000 and productivity savings of about 3,000 employee work hours. Case studies are available through your Lifetime Benefit Solutions account manager.

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