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Rx Concierge

Innovative solutions. Proven results.

The Rx Concierge Program focuses on controlling cost by driving appropriate utilization of medications while ensuring members are benefiting from clinically appropriate therapies.

Rx Concierge

The results are in! Rx Concierge delivered outstanding results to our groups again last year.
Read all about it in the 2022 Rx Concierge Annual Report.

Comprehensive Savings Strategies

Our comprehensive savings strategies yield guaranteed results. Your dedicated Rx Concierge team looks at a multitude of opportunities, such as:    

Targeted Drug Classes

The following drug classes are potential targets for the Rx Concierge Program. Based on shifting marketplace dynamics, other cost-savings opportunities will arise and our strategies may change.
Multi-source brands
High-cost generics
Dose efficiency
Dosage form optimization
Channel optimization
Specialty Rx
Polypharmacy review
    ADHD Stimulants
Inhaled Steroid Combinations
Nasal Steroids
Neuropathic Pain
Diabetes Medications
Urinary Antispasmodics
Proton Pump Inhibitors
Oral Antipsychotics


Our Performance Guarantee

Lifetime Benefit Solutions guarantees clinical savings higher than the PMPM program fee
or we will refund the difference.

By providing you with a dedicated in-house team of pharmacists, your pharmacy claims utilization is analyzed to identify cost-savings opportunities. Your dedicated team contacts the prescribing physician to request a change to a lower cost but clinically appropriate option. Performance Guarantee  


Process Overview


Physician Detailing
Identify   Identify Opportunities   Analyze the group’s pharmacy claims utilization to identify cost savings opportunities, appropriate medication use, non-adherence concerns or medication safety issues.
Outreach   Physician Outreach   A dedicated pharmacy team will contact prescribers to request a prescription change to a lower cost and clinically appropriate option, or address a gap in care.
Savings   Realize Savings   By controlling costs with savings opportunities, groups will have increased savings through these personalized experiences with impactful results.


Medications   To learn more about how our Rx Concierge Program helps your organization, submit a Pharmacy request for a quote.



Lifetime Benefit Solutions is part of The Lifetime Healthcare Companies, a not-for-profit holding company that finances and delivers health care services.