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Prescription drug coverage is a critical factor in maintaining a healthy workforce and avoiding unexpected health plan cost surprises.


LBS Pharmacy Services delivers customized prescription benefits based on each group’s individual needs. Our dedicated and experienced personnel negotiate the most aggressive network discounts and rebates in the industry – all in the best interest of our groups and their members.

Maximizing Savings While Providing Top Quality Care

Our comprehensive approach to pharmacy utilization management and prescription savings programs helps keep an organization’s costs low while driving better care for its members.

Key programs that provide value include:

  • Rx Concierge Program - This program offers a comprehensive prescription management solution that spans both the medical and pharmacy benefits, managing and optimizing your organization's spend
    while ensuring your members are benefiting from clinically appropriate treatments.
  • RationalMed® – By integrating medical and pharmacy data, RationalMed addresses otherwise unidentifiable safety issues related to prescription drugs in real-time. Actionable safety alerts covering potentially dangerous interactions, gaps in care, and potential misuse are sent to dispensing pharmacists and prescribers for immediate notification.
  • Smart90 – With Smart90, members can get up to a 90-day supply of their long-term maintenance medications at deep discounts through either home delivery via Express Scripts or at a retail pharmacy in the Smart90 network, such as CVS or Walgreens.
  • SaveonSP – A plan can achieve greater savings on select specialty medications by increasing the copays on select drugs where manufacturer copay assistance exists, without impacting a member’s share. Our national specialty pharmacy partner, Accredo, proactively registers members on the manufacturer assistance program. Members then pay a copay according to the assistance program, and inturn, the plan derives the same savings benefit.

LBS Pharmacy Services from Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Our Priority Is To Support You

Groups will have access to a single point of contact as well as dedicated support staff and personal consultation. These resources provide high-touch, strategic guidance for groups, evaluating pharmacy care trends, assessing benefit options, and advising on tactics to maximize savings while upholding quality and member satisfaction.

With LBS Pharmacy Services, groups get the complete package:

  • One member card
  • No hidden costs for utilization management or reporting fees
  • Real-time formulary management to identify the most effective drugs at the lowest cost – based on real member data (not national statistics)
  • National-caliber pharmacy benefits with aggressive network discounts and rebates via our partnership with Express Scripts, Inc.


Voluntary Benefits: Everything You Need. Nothing You Don’t.

We map our customizable benefits to your individual needs. Learn more about why Lifetime Benefit Solutions is the best choice for you.

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