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Self-funded TPA

With a self-funded approach, you choose the benefits and extras. You’ll have control without the restrictions, because your plan doesn’t need to adhere to many of the state mandates. This gives you the flexibility to create a plan that’s perfect for your company. Learn more...

Stop Loss Coverage 

The self-funded benefit plan sponsor can purchase Excess Risk Insurance to help stabilize cash flow and protect against extreme fluctuations in paid claim levels. Individual Excess Risk Insurance shields against the threat of shock loss by limiting the claim liability with respect to any one Plan participant. It provides prompt reimbursement if claims exceed a specified per participant, all cause deductible amount. Learn more...

Medical Self-funded

We provide the best ability to manage your plan, thus reducing expenses while providing the highest level of customer service to your members. Our combination of flexibility, comprehensive cost management strategies, competitive networks and superior customer service position us in the forefront of the changing health care landscape. Learn more...

Dental Self-funded

In need of dental benefits to make those pearly whites shine? Lifetime Benefit Solutions has been administering self-funded dental benefits for more than 30 years. Our expertise and flexibility make us the perfect choice for any organization looking to help control rising dental costs. Learn more... 

Self-funded Prescription Benefit Program

Lifetime Benefit Solutions works with several of the nation’s leading Prescription Benefit Managers (PBMs) to administer integrated medical and prescription drug benefits and claims reporting. Learn more...

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