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My HSA Planner

We know that the benefits of an HSA vary based on the unique lifestyle and financial goals. This makes it difficult and time consuming for you to explain the benefits of an HSA in a way that resonates to help your clients and their employees use or sign up for an account.

That’s why we’re introducing My HSA Planner:

My HSA Planner is an easy-to-use decision tool that helps HSA participants learn:

  • The benefits of a health savings account
  • How much they should contribute each year to optimize the benefit; and
  • their potential savings over time.

My HSA Planner gives employees personalized recommendations based on their unique lifestyle and savings goals. This easy-to-use HSA decision tool can be used by both HSA and non-HSA employees.

There is no action required for your HSA clients.  HSA employees will see a the My HSA Planner section included on their LBS portal page beginning August 2022.

HSA Portal; My HSA Planner Tool


Watch the My HSA Planner Demo video for more: