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Frequently Asked Questions

All paperwork and checks should be submitted to our Cobleskill office.
Lifetime Benefit Solutions Inc.
PO Box 340
2457 State Route 7 Suite 1
Cobleskill, NY 12043

Our format is very similar to the carriers with the addition that you must list Lifetime Benefit Solutions as the broker with your name after it. There is a Broker of Record template available for groups here and for individuals here

At this time books of business are not available online. If you need your book of business you can contact us and we will get it for you.

Community rated quotes are available by logging into the carrier website as a broker and selecting Compare Rates and Plans from Quick Links. If you have trouble with your log in or do not have one; contact us at 1-877-806-2120 or

You will need to contact us to request a quote for an experience rated group. The following information should be submitted to obtain the quote.

• New Business Group Information Form

• Census. Must be in an Excel spreadsheet and contain the employee name, gender, birthdate or age, home zip code, contract type (family, individual, etc.), hire date, and if the person is enrolling in or not eligible for the coverage.

• Legal Group Name

• Current plan design with current rates and renewal rates (if available)

• Physical location of the company – if multiple locations we need addresses for all locations and which one is the headquarters

• Tax ID number

• SIC code or nature of business

• Total number of eligible employees

• What plan(s) you would like quoted (available plans can be found by logging into the carrier website as a broker and selecting Compare Rates and Plans from Quick Links and then selecting Mid-Segment Packages)

• What rating tier do you want quoted

• Desired effective date (Should be at least 45 days out from the date requested)

We suggest using the Department of Labor website to research any questions you have regarding COBRA 

Checks should be made payable to the carrier. 

Carrier forms are available by logging onto the carrier website as a broker and selecting Print Forms and Applications from the Quick Links, or you can contact us and we will gladly send them to you.  

The authorized individual from your organization can obtain your commission statement by logging into our website.

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