2018 - A New Vision for LBS

A New Vision for LBS

Lori Florack is the new President of Lifetime Benefit Solutions, responsible for overseeing the strategic plan and executive leadership for the organization, as well as ensuring that our team of 200 employees is focused on delivering on our commitments to you and our groups.

A few years after obtaining her Master’s degree and successfully moving up the ranks on Wall Street in New York City, Lori found herself back in her hometown, Rochester, NY to be closer to her family. She worked as a Call Center Supervisor for a local business & found it to be rewarding and a great learning experience. Eight years ago, Lori was hired by our organization.

“I started and loved it from day one. I wanted meaning in my work and I was immediately connected to the mission of the company to offer affordable healthcare to everyone. I felt part of something great for our community,” Lori explains.

From the start, Lori applied her passion for the business and learning by volunteering to lead corporate-wide projects, including creating and implementing leadership and development programs. After two years, Lori was promoted to lead a team. In this role, Lori concentrated on being a positive and inspiring leader and on growing and maintaining strong relationships throughout the company.

Soon after, Lori was tapped to serve as the Human Resources Business Partner to the Sales and Marketing division taking on a more strategic business focus. One year later, she was promoted to director of the Human Resources function for the division.

Two years ago, Lori worked with Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales Jim Reed and the existing LBS President to build a culture strategy for Lifetime Benefit Solutions. Working to strengthen the bonds of Lifetime Benefit Solutions as part of the Lifetime Healthcare Companies, Lori is confident about the direction of the organization. “A lot of emphasis is being placed on company culture, to better serve our brokers, groups and members. There is no doubt that this service orientation positively drives business results,” she says.

In closing, Lori states, “We are committed. We have clear priorities. We’re here, and better than ever. We value the partnership with our brokers, and look forward to having the opportunity to share our capabilities with them.”


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