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Leadership Team

Patricia Mooney from Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Patricia (Trish) Mooney


As the President of Lifetime Benefit Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Lifetime Healthcare Companies Inc. focused on employee benefits and administrative services, Trish is responsible for overseeing the strategic plan and executive leadership for the organization. Trish also ensures that the team members are focused on delivering its commitment of providing innovative, customizable, and valuable solutions to members, employers, and brokers.

Amy Handelman from Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Amy Handelman

Director of Pharmacy Consultation
As the Director of Pharmacy Consultation, Amy is responsible for strategic pharmacy initiatives and programs, providing consultation to employer groups and brokers regarding pharmacy issues, prescribing trends and patterns, clinical developments, and impact and actions that can be taken to assure cost effective use of prescription medications.

Lance Burgess from Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Lance Burgess

Vice President of Diversified Growth
As the Vice President of Diversified Growth & Market Expansion, Lance is responsible for core growth, pharmacy sales and strategic business diversification.  His 15+ years of industry experience include roles of Area President, Sales VP and Director of New Business Acquisitions. Additional responsibilities include developing distribution channels, merger, acquisition, and asset evaluations.

Kristen Hubacher from Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Kristen Hubacher

Director of Commercial Finance
Kristen oversees the Finance functions of Lifetime Benefit Solutions including the Budgeting and Forecasting and Administrative Billing process and collections. She serves as the Finance Liaison to the Lifetime Healthcare Companies’ Leadership and Financial Reporting teams to ensure ongoing communication and reporting. Kristen has extensive experience with regards to financial planning, analyzing financial implications, and leading cost savings and quality improvements.

Michele George from Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Michele George

Director of Sales and Account Services
As the Director of Sales and Account Services for Lifetime Benefit Solutions, Michele’s responsibilities include promoting Lifetime Benefit Solutions to the marketplace, through sales, advertising, marketing, referral sources, and integration with our external partners. In addition to new business sales, the role also has responsibility for the account management and retention efforts for existing business and the overall client and broker experience strategy.

Todd Kittell, Director of Ancillary Operations for LBS

Todd Kittell

Director of Ancillary Operations
As the Director of Ancillary Operations for Lifetime Benefit Solutions, Todd’s responsibilities include providing strategic leadership, operations management and leading the innovation and optimization initiatives for the Lifetime Benefit Solutions operational teams.

Josie Stephenson, Director of the Project Management Office

Josephine (Josie) Stephenson

Director, Project Management Office
With extensive knowledge in all aspects of software development and a focus on program and project management, the Director of the Project Management Office oversees release management, product implementation, and electronic data interchange (EDI). Josie supports business development and operational efficiencies through the many IT and business projects Lifetime Benefit Solutions brings to life. Josie is also responsible for prioritizing corporate initiatives and driving completion of projects on time and within the project's scope and budget.

Stephanie Fraser, Director of Sales Operations and Business Diversification

Stephanie Fraser

Director, Sales Operations and Business Diversification
As the Director of Sales Operations, Stephanie ensures a seamless implementation experience for new clients along with existing clients that add additional lines of business. With a strong background in operations, Stephanie looks for ways to consistently improve the sales and implementation experience, ultimately creating a great partnership for our Lifetime Benefit Solutions customers. Stephanie's role with business diversification includes building strong internal and external partnerships and creating innovative solutions to bring to the market.

Scott Ehrlinger, Strategic Partnership Manager

Scott Ehrlinger

Manager, Strategic Partnerships
As the Strategic Partnership Manager, Scott serves as the liaison between Lifetime Benefit solutions and its current clients as well as future prospects. Scott has over 20 years' experience in the benefit administration space with LBS, serving in roles from VP of Finance to VP of Ancillary Operations, as well as time spent as a Retirement Plan Consultant. In this role, Scott leverages his extensive knowledge of the organization's operational processes to ensure a smooth implementation for clients joining the suite of Lifetime Benefit Solutions products.

Rosa Fernandez

Rosamaria Fernandez

Claims and implementation functions for spending account and reimbursement account management.

Amanda Vallee, COBRA and Premium Billing

Amanda Vallee

COBRA and Premium Billing services management.

Kaitlin Hawkins-Rusch from Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Kaitlin Hawkins-Rusch

Strategic human resource management.

Dara Williams from Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Dara Williams

Defined contribution plan services management.

Jeanie Gustafson from Lifetime Benefit Solutions

Jeanie Gustafson

Welfare benefit group services management.

Josh Gadek, Sales and Implementation Manager

Joshua Gadek

Sales operations and implementation management.

Kim Christman, Business Diversification Manager

Kimberly Christman

Business diversification management.

Lisa Riccelli, Manager of Project Management

Lisa Riccelli

Project management office management.

Karen Valentine, Audit Services Management

Karen Valentine

Audit services management.

Amy Bos, Budget and financial analysis management

Amy Bos

Budget and financial analysis management.

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